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DIT Health Observer.
## Link zum MyGit-Repository
## Description of the planed Impelementation of Prof. Garmann requirements:
- the Patient fill a form with his name Matrikel/ID number **adress**,sickness and the expected days of absence, he can also upload a files(sick notes) as a evidence.
......@@ -30,11 +33,15 @@ npm install
### Compiles and hot-reloads for development
npm run serve
cd ./server
npm run start
- run Frontend:
- npm run serve
- run Backend:
- cd ./server
- npm run start
- send the accelometer telemtry from your Android phone
- run the Data Collector: share sensors data on your phone and share the accelometer telemtry; **more about that in the first slide in the Power pint file**
### Compiles and minifies for production
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