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Added exercise on hysteric eliza

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initial: How do you do. Please tell me your problem.
final: Goodbye. Thank you for talking to me.
quit: bye
quit: goodbye
quit: quit
pre: dont don't
pre: cant can't
pre: wont won't
pre: recollect remember
pre: dreamt dreamed
pre: dreams dream
pre: maybe perhaps
pre: how what
pre: when what
pre: certainly yes
pre: machine computer
pre: computers computer
pre: were was
pre: you're you are
pre: i'm i am
pre: same alike
post: am are
post: your my
post: me you
post: myself yourself
post: yourself myself
post: i you
post: you I
post: my your
post: i'm you are
synon: belief feel think believe wish
synon: family mother mom father dad sister brother wife children child
synon: desire want need
synon: sad unhappy depressed sick
synon: happy elated glad better
synon: cannot can't
synon: everyone everybody nobody noone
synon: be am is are was
key: xnone
decomp: *
reasmb: I'm not sure I understand you fully.
reasmb: Please go on.
reasmb: What does that suggest to you ?
reasmb: Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?
key: sorry
decomp: *
reasmb: Please don't apologise.
reasmb: Apologies are not necessary.
reasmb: I've told you that apologies are not required.
key: apologise
decomp: *
reasmb: goto sorry
key: remember 5
decomp: * i remember *
reasmb: Do you often think of (2) ?
reasmb: Does thinking of (2) bring anything else to mind ?
reasmb: What else do you recollect ?
reasmb: Why do you recollect (2) just now ?
reasmb: What in the present situation reminds you of (2) ?
reasmb: What is the connection between me and (2) ?
decomp: * do you remember *
reasmb: Did you think I would forget (2) ?
reasmb: Why do you think I should recall (2) now ?
reasmb: What about (2) ?
reasmb: goto what
reasmb: You mentioned (2) ?
key: if 3
decomp: * if *
reasmb: Do you think its likely that (2) ?
reasmb: Do you wish that (2) ?
reasmb: What do you know about (2) ?
reasmb: Really, if (2) ?
key: dreamed 4
decomp: * i dreamed *
reasmb: Really, (2) ?
reasmb: Have you ever fantasized (2) while you were awake ?
reasmb: Have you ever dreamed (2) before ?
reasmb: goto dream
key: dream 3
decomp: *
reasmb: What does that dream suggest to you ?
reasmb: Do you dream often ?
reasmb: What persons appear in your dreams ?
reasmb: Do you believe that dreams have something to do with your problems ?
key: perhaps
decomp: *
reasmb: You don't seem quite certain.
reasmb: Why the uncertain tone ?
reasmb: Can't you be more positive ?
reasmb: You aren't sure ?
reasmb: Don't you know ?
key: name 15
decomp: *
reasmb: I am not interested in names.
reasmb: I've told you before, I don't care about names -- please continue.
key: deutsch
decomp: *
reasmb: goto xforeign
reasmb: I told you before, I don't understand German.
key: francais
decomp: *
reasmb: goto xforeign
reasmb: I told you before, I don't understand French.
key: italiano
decomp: *
reasmb: goto xforeign
reasmb: I told you before, I don't understand Italian.
key: espanol
decomp: *
reasmb: goto xforeign
reasmb: I told you before, I don't understand Spanish.
key: xforeign
decomp: *
reasmb: I speak only English.
key: hello
decomp: *
reasmb: How do you do. Please state your problem.
reasmb: Hi. What seems to be your problem ?
key: computer 50
decomp: *
reasmb: Do computers worry you ?
reasmb: Why do you mention computers ?
reasmb: What do you think machines have to do with your problem ?
reasmb: Don't you think computers can help people ?
reasmb: What about machines worrys you ?
reasmb: What do you think about machines ?
key: am
decomp: * am i *
reasmb: Do you believe you are (2) ?
reasmb: Would you want to be (2) ?
reasmb: Do you wish I would tell you you are (2) ?
reasmb: What would it mean if you were (2) ?
reasmb: goto what
decomp: *
reasmb: Why do you say 'am' ?
reasmb: I don't understand that.
key: are
decomp: * are you *
reasmb: Why are you interested in whether I am (2) or not ?
reasmb: Would you prefer if I weren't (2) ?
reasmb: Perhaps I am (2) in your fantasies.
reasmb: Do you sometimes think I am (2) ?
reasmb: goto what
decomp: * are *
reasmb: Did you think they might not be (2) ?
reasmb: Would you like it if they were not (2) ?
reasmb: What if they were not (2) ?
reasmb: Possibly they are (2) .
key: your
decomp: * your *
reasmb: Why are you concerned over my (2) ?
reasmb: What about your own (2) ?
reasmb: Are you worried about someone else's (2) ?
reasmb: Really, my (2) ?
key: was 2
decomp: * was i *
reasmb: What if you were (2) ?
reasmb: Do you think you were (2) ?
reasmb: Were you (2) ?
reasmb: What would it mean if you were (2) ?
reasmb: What does (2) suggest to you ?
reasmb: goto what
decomp: * i was *
reasmb: Were you really ?
reasmb: Why do you tell me you were (2) now ?
reasmb: Perhaps I already know you were (2) .
decomp: * was you *
reasmb: Would you like to believe I was (2) ?
reasmb: What suggests that I was (2) ?
reasmb: What do you think ?
reasmb: Perhaps I was (2) .
reasmb: What if I had been (2) ?
key: i
decomp: * i @desire *
reasmb: What would it mean to you if you got (3) ?
reasmb: Why do you want (3) ?
reasmb: Suppose you got (3) soon ?
reasmb: What if you never got (3) ?
reasmb: What would getting (3) mean to you ?
reasmb: What does wanting (3) have to do with this discussion ?
decomp: * i am * @sad *
reasmb: I am sorry to hear that you are (3) .
reasmb: Do you think that coming here will help you not to be (3) ?
reasmb: I'm sure it's not pleasant to be (3) .
reasmb: Can you explain what made you (3) ?
decomp: * i am * @happy *
reasmb: How have I helped you to be (3) ?
reasmb: Has your treatment made you (3) ?
reasmb: What makes you (3) just now ?
reasmb: Can you explan why you are suddenly (3) ?
decomp: * i was *
reasmb: goto was
decomp: * i @belief * i *
reasmb: Do you really think so ?
reasmb: But you are not sure you (3) .
reasmb: Do you really doubt you (3) ?
decomp: * i * @belief * you *
reasmb: goto you
decomp: * i am *
reasmb: Is it because you are (2) that you came to me ?
reasmb: How long have you been (2) ?
reasmb: Do you believe it is normal to be (2) ?
reasmb: Do you enjoy being (2) ?
decomp: * i @cannot *
reasmb: How do you think that you can't (3) ?
reasmb: Have you tried ?
reasmb: Perhaps you could (3) now.
reasmb: Do you really want to be able to (3) ?
decomp: * i don't *
reasmb: Don't you really (2) ?
reasmb: Why don't you (2) ?
reasmb: Do you wish to be able to (2) ?
reasmb: Does that trouble you ?
decomp: * do i feel *
reasmb: Tell me more about such feelings.
reasmb: Do you often feel (2) ?
reasmb: Do you enjoy feeling (2) ?
reasmb: Of what does feeling (2) remind you ?
decomp: * i * you *
reasmb: Perhaps in your fantasies we (2) each other.
reasmb: Do you wish to (2) me ?
reasmb: You seem to need to (2) me.
reasmb: Do you (2) anyone else ?
decomp: *
reasmb: You say (1) ?
reasmb: Can you elaborate on that ?
reasmb: Do you say (1) for some special reason ?
reasmb: That's quite interesting.
key: you
decomp: * you remind me of *
reasmb: goto alike
decomp: * you are *
reasmb: What makes you think I am (2) ?
reasmb: Does it please you to believe I am (2) ?
reasmb: Do you sometimes wish you were (2) ?
reasmb: Perhaps you would like to be (2) .
decomp: * you * me *
reasmb: Why do you think I (2) you ?
reasmb: You like to think I (2) you -- don't you ?
reasmb: What makes you think I (2) you ?
reasmb: Really, I (2) you ?
reasmb: Do you wish to believe I (2) you ?
reasmb: Suppose I did (2) you -- what would that mean ?
reasmb: Does someone else believe I (2) you ?
decomp: * you *
reasmb: We were discussing you -- not me.
reasmb: Oh, I (2) ?
reasmb: You're not really talking about me -- are you ?
reasmb: What are your feelings now ?
key: yes
decomp: *
reasmb: You seem to be quite positive.
reasmb: You are sure.
reasmb: I see.
reasmb: I understand.
key: no
decomp: *
reasmb: Are you saying no just to be negative?
reasmb: You are being a bit negative.
reasmb: Why not ?
reasmb: Why 'no' ?
key: my 2
decomp: $ * my *
reasmb: Lets discuss further why your (2) .
reasmb: Earlier you said your (2) .
reasmb: But your (2) .
reasmb: Does that have anything to do with the fact that your (2) ?
decomp: * my * @family *
reasmb: Tell me more about your family.
reasmb: Who else in your family (4) ?
reasmb: Your (3) ?
reasmb: What else comes to mind when you think of your (3) ?
decomp: * my *
reasmb: Your (2) ?
reasmb: Why do you say your (2) ?
reasmb: Does that suggest anything else which belongs to you ?
reasmb: Is it important that your (2) ?
key: can
decomp: * can you *
reasmb: You believe I can (2) don't you ?
reasmb: goto what
reasmb: You want me to be able to (2) .
reasmb: Perhaps you would like to be able to (2) yourself.
decomp: * can i *
reasmb: Whether or not you can (2) depends on you more than me.
reasmb: Do you want to be able to (2) ?
reasmb: Perhaps you don't want to (2) .
reasmb: goto what
key: what
decomp: *
reasmb: Why do you ask ?
reasmb: Does that question interest you ?
reasmb: What is it you really wanted to know ?
reasmb: Are such questions much on your mind ?
reasmb: What answer would please you most ?
reasmb: What do you think ?
reasmb: What comes to mind when you ask that ?
reasmb: Have you asked such questions before ?
reasmb: Have you asked anyone else ?
key: because
decomp: *
reasmb: Is that the real reason ?
reasmb: Don't any other reasons come to mind ?
reasmb: Does that reason seem to explain anything else ?
reasmb: What other reasons might there be ?
key: why
decomp: * why don't you *
reasmb: Do you believe I don't (2) ?
reasmb: Perhaps I will (2) in good time.
reasmb: Should you (2) yourself ?
reasmb: You want me to (2) ?
reasmb: goto what
decomp: * why can't i *
reasmb: Do you think you should be able to (2) ?
reasmb: Do you want to be able to (2) ?
reasmb: Do you believe this will help you to (2) ?
reasmb: Have you any idea why you can't (2) ?
reasmb: goto what
decomp: *
reasmb: goto what
key: everyone 2
decomp: * @everyone *
reasmb: Realy, (2) ?
reasmb: Surely not (2) .
reasmb: Can you think of anyone in particular ?
reasmb: Who, for example?
reasmb: Are you thinking of a very special person ?
reasmb: Who, may I ask ?
reasmb: Someone special perhaps ?
reasmb: You have a particular person in mind, don't you ?
reasmb: Who do you think you're talking about ?
key: everybody 2
decomp: *
reasmb: goto everyone
key: nobody 2
decomp: *
reasmb: goto everyone
key: noone 2
decomp: *
reasmb: goto everyone
key: always 1
decomp: *
reasmb: Can you think of a specific example ?
reasmb: When ?
reasmb: What incident are you thinking of ?
reasmb: Really, always ?
key: alike 10
decomp: *
reasmb: In what way ?
reasmb: What resemblence do you see ?
reasmb: What does that similarity suggest to you ?
reasmb: What other connections do you see ?
reasmb: What do you suppose that resemblence means ?
reasmb: What is the connection, do you suppose ?
reasmb: Could here really be some connection ?
reasmb: How ?
key: like 10
decomp: * @be * like *
reasmb: goto alike
\ No newline at end of file
import logging
import random
import re
from collections import namedtuple
# Fix Python2/Python3 incompatibility
try: input = raw_input
except NameError: pass
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Key:
def __init__(self, word, weight, decomps):
self.word = word
self.weight = weight
self.decomps = decomps
class Decomp:
def __init__(self, parts, save, reasmbs): = parts = save
self.reasmbs = reasmbs
self.next_reasmb_index = 0
class Eliza:
def __init__(self):
self.initials = []
self.finals = []
self.quits = []
self.pres = {}
self.posts = {}
self.synons = {}
self.keys = {}
self.memory = []
def load(self, path):
key = None
decomp = None
with open(path) as file:
for line in file:
if not line.strip():
tag, content = [part.strip() for part in line.split(':')]
if tag == 'initial':
elif tag == 'final':
elif tag == 'quit':
elif tag == 'pre':
parts = content.split(' ')
self.pres[parts[0]] = parts[1:]
elif tag == 'post':
parts = content.split(' ')
self.posts[parts[0]] = parts[1:]
elif tag == 'synon':
parts = content.split(' ')
self.synons[parts[0]] = parts
elif tag == 'key':
parts = content.split(' ')
word = parts[0]
weight = int(parts[1]) if len(parts) > 1 else 1
key = Key(word, weight, [])
self.keys[word] = key
elif tag == 'decomp':
parts = content.split(' ')
save = False
if parts[0] == '$':
save = True
parts = parts[1:]
decomp = Decomp(parts, save, [])
elif tag == 'reasmb':
parts = content.split(' ')
def _match_decomp_r(self, parts, words, results):
if not parts and not words:
return True
if not parts or (not words and parts != ['*']):
return False
if parts[0] == '*':
for index in range(len(words), -1, -1):
if self._match_decomp_r(parts[1:], words[index:], results):
return True
return False
elif parts[0].startswith('@'):
root = parts[0][1:]
if not root in self.synons:
raise ValueError("Unknown synonym root {}".format(root))
if not words[0].lower() in self.synons[root]:
return False
return self._match_decomp_r(parts[1:], words[1:], results)
elif parts[0].lower() != words[0].lower():
return False
return self._match_decomp_r(parts[1:], words[1:], results)
def _match_decomp(self, parts, words):
results = []
if self._match_decomp_r(parts, words, results):
return results
return None
def _next_reasmb(self, decomp):
index = decomp.next_reasmb_index
result = decomp.reasmbs[index % len(decomp.reasmbs)]
decomp.next_reasmb_index = index + 1
return result
def _reassemble(self, reasmb, results):
output = []
for reword in reasmb:
if not reword:
if reword[0] == '(' and reword[-1] == ')':
index = int(reword[1:-1])
if index < 1 or index > len(results):
raise ValueError("Invalid result index {}".format(index))
insert = results[index - 1]
for punct in [',', '.', ';']:
if punct in insert:
insert = insert[:insert.index(punct)]
return output
def _sub(self, words, sub):
output = []
for word in words:
word_lower = word.lower()
if word_lower in sub:
return output
def _match_key(self, words, key):
for decomp in key.decomps:
results = self._match_decomp(, words)
if results is None:
log.debug('Decomp did not match: %s',
log.debug('Decomp matched: %s',
log.debug('Decomp results: %s', results)
results = [self._sub(words, self.posts) for words in results]
log.debug('Decomp results after posts: %s', results)
reasmb = self._next_reasmb(decomp)
log.debug('Using reassembly: %s', reasmb)
if reasmb[0] == 'goto':
goto_key = reasmb[1]
if not goto_key in self.keys:
raise ValueError("Invalid goto key {}".format(goto_key))
log.debug('Goto key: %s', goto_key)
return self._match_key(words, self.keys[goto_key])
output = self._reassemble(reasmb, results)
log.debug('Saved to memory: %s', output)
return output
return None
def respond(self, text):
if text.lower() in self.quits:
return None
text = re.sub(r'\s*\.+\s*', ' . ', text)
text = re.sub(r'\s*,+\s*', ' , ', text)
text = re.sub(r'\s*;+\s*', ' ; ', text)
log.debug('After punctuation cleanup: %s', text)
words = [w for w in text.split(' ') if w]
log.debug('Input: %s', words)
words = self._sub(words, self.pres)
log.debug('After pre-substitution: %s', words)
keys = [self.keys[w.lower()] for w in words if w.lower() in self.keys]
keys = sorted(keys, key=lambda k: -k.weight)
log.debug('Sorted keys: %s', [(k.word, k.weight) for k in keys])
output = None
for key in keys:
output = self._match_key(words, key)
if output:
log.debug('Output from key: %s', output)
if not output:
if self.memory:
index = random.randrange(len(self.memory))
output = self.memory.pop(index)
log.debug('Output from memory: %s', output)
output = self._next_reasmb(self.keys['xnone'].decomps[0])
log.debug('Output from xnone: %s', output)
return " ".join(output)
def initial(self):
return random.choice(self.initials)
def final(self):
return random.choice(self.finals)
def run(self):
while True:
sent = input('> ')
output = self.respond(sent)
if output is None:
def main():
eliza = Eliza()
hystericeliza = HystericEliza(eliza)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import logging
from abc import abstractmethod
from eliza import Eliza
class ElizaState():
def __init__(self, hystericeliza):
self.hystericeliza = hystericeliza
def switch_state(self, output):
""" Decide how to react next based on the current output """
def process_output(self, output):
""" React on the current output by formatting it according to the state """
class Normal(ElizaState):
""" Answer normally """
class Angry(ElizaState):
""" ANSWER ONLY IN UPPERCASE (use String.upper() to do this) """
class Sad(