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......@@ -43,10 +43,10 @@ We intend to implement the following:
*2.b Synchronized operation between packets of each stream which is essential for processing multiple togather.*
We try to read each row in the image as a pack of 3 streams process it in 2 seperate block and return the output as an array.
[Schematic streaming rows and output]('')
![Schematic streaming rows and output]( "Schematic streaming rows and output")
This would mean we can store real-time data in frames and feed them continously from our python code. The processing blocks consists of a 2x2 array each and they are the convolution weights added to our stream of data and we return the output.
[Convolution on streaming row]('')
![Convolution on streaming row]( "Convolution on streaming row")
(DMA1 + DMA2) streams are processed in PU1 and (DMA2 + DMA3) streams in PU2. However becuase Robert's convolution algorithm needs data to be processed in a 2x2 array they must enter and get processed in Synchronized manner.
[CPU FPGA interconnection and data transfer]('')
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