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......@@ -105,3 +105,6 @@ IMPORTANT: The hls::stream class is only used in C++ designs. Array of streams i
Non-Blocking write not-allowed in Non-FIFO Interfaces like axis instead try using FIFO m_axi
DMA size must be lesser than 16383 so we cant feed very large datasets directly to a single DMA.
WARNING: [HLS 200-786] Detected dataflow-on-top in function 'color_filter' (../project_3/color_filter.cpp:45) with default interface mode 'ap_ctrl_hs'. Overlapped execution of successive kernel calls will not happen unless interface mode 'ap_ctrl_chain' is used (or 'ap_ctrl_none' for a purely data-driven design).
Resolution: For help on HLS 200-786 see;t=hls+guidance;d=200-786.html
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