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......@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ We use two blocks to process the streams but that doesnot mean we use one thread
<b>*Our main goal is to ensure such a architechture runs faster in FPGA and it was reasonably fast; most importantly it can be scaled up to handle multiple streams.*</b>
It is not very suitable for image processing tasks as arrays stored in memory does a better work in that, so a Robert's convolution algorithm is faster in an OpenCV library.
#### An Important observation was that for very large images (greater then 1 MB) our resizer is almost 3 times faster, thoguh its about 0.2 times fast for lower size images.
<b>*CPU Average for images was at 10s and FPGA at about 6s*</b>
<b>*CPU Average for images was at about 25s and FPGA at about 10s for 6 images*</b>
![Speed comparison in single images]( "Speed comparison in single images")
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