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......@@ -62,10 +62,14 @@ Hardware based Neural networks :
# Errors and Issues encountered
# Errors Logs and Issues encountered
[BD 41-759] The input pins (listed below) are either not connected or do not have a source port, and they don't have a tie-off specified. These pins are tied-off to all 0's to avoid error in Implementation flow.
Please check your design and connect them as needed:
When ap_Ctrl = None not specified in design
Cant find custom IP in Vivado : add IP zip path, open IP Integrator view, from IP configure window manually add the IP
Cant connect hls::stream<> type object in IP : Note: The hls::stream class should always be passed between functions as a C++ reference argument. For example, &my_stream.
IMPORTANT: The hls::stream class is only used in C++ designs. Array of streams is not supported.
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