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......@@ -61,6 +61,12 @@ We use two blocks to process the streams but that doesnot mean we use one thread
## Instructions to run
Simply clone the repository in a Pynq Z2 board and run the file "Hyperspectral_Image_Filter_FPGA_CPU_comparison.ipynb" line by line.
We should ensure the design.bit , design.hwh and design.tcl are present in the same folder as the above Jupyternotebook.
There is also a sample image lakemead_2004.jpg we may use as input to check the output of our IP.
We can also use the edge_filter.cpp file for creating an IP and generating a bitstream by designing the block diagram as shown in BlockDiagram.JPG
The code should generate a output file that highlights the rough edges of the image for example contours / hills.
## What we achieved and the caveat :
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