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# Relevant concepts
## PWM
PWM stands for pulse width modulation, it uses digital signals to control power applications. By generating a continuous series of pulses, which length and frequency are adjustable, it allows for easy controll of the average voltage autput. In any given duty cycle, the ratio of the signal high time to the signal low time determines the information carried by the signal [^1].
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The simplest way to generate a sine wave generator, is to read discrete sine values from a lookup-table. In the scale of the project this process is simplified by working with a fixed frequency, improvements, and addition to this will be mentioned in the conclusion. First, discrete sinus values will be generated and store in a LUT for later reading from memory, this can easily be achieved by using free sine look up table generator .
*Fig. 2: Sinus Look Up Table Generator* [^2]
*Fig. 1: Sinus Look Up Table Generator* [^2]
Now the sinus values from our memory file will be read with an index based on the clock cycle and store in a 16-bit register.
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This means that the higher the sine value, the longer is the duty cycle.
![Sine Wave Generation Using PWM With Hercules™ N2HET and HTU](_static\Capture_sine_pwm.PNG)
*Fig. 4: Sinus Sawtooth Comparison* [^5]
*Fig. 3: Sinus Sawtooth Comparison* [^5]
If you provide a simulation with both wave functions in analog form, its clearly visible how the duty cycles adjust in the following image:
......@@ -188,15 +188,7 @@ If you provide a simulation with both wave functions in analog form, its clearly
The complete digital circute looks as followed and contains two clock divider, a decimal counter, a switch comparer, a led counter, a sinus wave synthesizer, as well as sinus to pwm converter:
![Charles J. Sharp, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons](_static\block_design.PNG)
*Fig. 4: Project Block Design*
<video controls width="700">
*Fig. 5: Project Block Design*
......@@ -15,6 +15,15 @@ Since scales have already been mentioned and there is already a fixed four-four
There are also many other features like adjusting scale levels, pitch, audio effects, for example delaying the wave output provided by digital and analogy synthesizer, but as implementation and design was strongly time restricted these ground concept seemed to be the most important to implement for an acquirable goal.
## Demo
<video controls width="700">
## Hardware
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