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# psta-wp2-omar
Name: Elkadi, Omar.
Matrikel Num : 711750/755264.
Proj Name: DIT Health Observer.
Description of the planed Impelementation of the requirements:
- Der Patient füllt ein Formular aus
- Der Backend schpeichert die Infos in einer DatenBank
- The Frontend can retriev the data of all patients and filter it
- the Frontend can shows the position of the patients on a map(using OpenStreetMAp API)
- the Frontend get a dynamic data from an API collect the data of a sensor on a room door, which count the number of the atendees.
## Project setup
npm install
### Compiles and hot-reloads for development
npm run serve
### Compiles and minifies for production
npm run build
### Lints and fixes files
npm run lint
### Customize configuration
See [Configuration Reference](
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