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# inf2 exam WS2122 (2021-11-26)
- browse the problems before you begin with the exam
- the exam contains many practical problems which may take vast amount of time if you do not know the time-efficient approach. Do not waste much time on a single question.
- in coding questions, you may also explain your approach in words if your code does not work straightaway
- pay attention to the difference between *returning* and *printing* in functions
- use the `interact` widgets and test cells to test your answers.
- `Q` stands for *question* and `QQ` for *subquestion*
- in multiple-choice and `True`/`False` questions a wrong answer has penalty. The penalty equals to the half of the points of a correct answer.
- it should be sufficient to modify the `#YOUR CODE HERE; raise NotImplementedError` lines in coding problems
- code style according to [`PEP8`]( will also be graded.
## Good luck! 🤞
# Questions
To display the notebooks, run the following cell
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``` python
import _header; _header.display_html()
%% Output
<IPython.core.display.HTML object>
Calculates total points on every notebook and displays them on an HTML table
import glob
import json
def notebook_to_points_dict():
ipynbs = glob.glob('*.ipynb')
nb_pts = dict() # filename: points
for ipynb in ipynbs:
with open(ipynb) as f:
nbjson = json.load(f)
total_points = 0
for cell in nbjson['cells']:
# 'points' key exists in autograder cells only
points = cell['metadata']['nbgrader']['points']
except KeyError:
total_points += points
nb_pts[ipynb] = total_points
return nb_pts
def ipynb_points_html(notebook_to_points):
# remove '.ipynb' from filenames
notebook_to_points = {k[:-6]: v for k, v in notebook_to_points.items()}
# add sum
footer = dict()
footer['∑'] = sum(v for v in notebook_to_points.values())
from jinja2 import Template
template_content = """
<th> Notebook </th>
<th> Points </th>
{% for key, value in data.items() %}
<th> <a href="{{ key }}.ipynb" target="_blank"> {{ key }} </a> </th>
<td> {{ value }} </td>
{% endfor %}
{% for key, value in footer.items() %}
<th> {{ key }} </th>
<td> {{ value }} </td>
{% endfor %}
template = Template(template_content)
# template rendering embedded in the HTML representation
return template.render(data=notebook_to_points, footer=footer)
def display_html():
from IPython.display import HTML
return HTML(ipynb_points_html(notebook_to_points_dict()))
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