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<p>Julia wants to access upcoming events, preferably in a sorted list or calendar format so she can find out which events will take place soon and if there are events for potential new students she might be interested in.</p>
### Persona C:
<p><img src="" width="600"></p>
<p>Age: 24</p>
<p>Studies: Finished Bachelor Degree (Engineering)</p>
<p>Location: New Delhi, India</p>
<p>Arun is considering studying in Germany. He has heard good things about DIT. As he's not sure what he will need and how the current situation is due to the pandemic he wants to get in touch with a staff member to get his questions answered.<p>
<p>Arun would find an overview of staff members and how to reavh out to them helpfull. If he could contact someone directly via chat or mail it would be ideal.</p>
## Use cases:
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