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<p>Arun would find an overview of staff members and how to reavh out to them helpfull. If he could contact someone directly via chat or mail it would be ideal.</p>
### Persona D:
<p><img src="" width="600"></p>
<p>Age: 21</p>
<p>Studies: Tourism Management (3th Semester)</p>
<p>Location: Deggendorf, Germany</p>
<p>Laura has been studying at DIT for a few semesters. Since the lectures switched from online to presence again recently, she has to find the right rooms on campus instead of just loggin in from her home for the first time since she began her studies. Also she needs to be up to date if there are some short-term changes for the lectures.</p>
<p>Laura would profit from a room navigator that shows the name of the course, the lecturer etc. She would like to have a reliable source of information.</p>
## Use cases:
### Lofi Design:
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