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The examination is based on the intended learning outcomes.
### Midterm exam
- The midterm exam typically takes place in the fourth week and towards to the end of the class.
- You must be present in the class, unless you still could not arrive in Germany. In the latter case it is not guaranteed that your grade is officially recognized.
- You can use up to 45 min for the exam.
### Mini-project presentation
- You present a Python mini-project or Unix workbench-related project. The latter can be:
- (1) the capstone project + two Bash programming exercises
- (2) a Bash script with similar complexity and workload to (1)
- If you intend to present in the next sessions, you post the project that you want to present on the course discussion board (e.g., Moodleoverflow).
- The presentation takes about 10 to 15 min.
### Peer feedback
- You give constructive feedback during a mini-project presentation.
- If you intend to give feedback, you follow the same procedure as in mini-project presentation.
### Other details
- Every week there will be up to three presentations.
- I you do not volunteer for the mini-project presentation & peer feedback or are not present for the exams, it is not possible to get alternative grading.
## Literature
- [The Unix workbench - Coursera](
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