Verified Commit a370ef69 authored by Felix Kopp's avatar Felix Kopp
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config: lower default sched freq to 200 Hz

1 kHz was way too much (the CPU could barely get
anything done in a time window of just 1 ms) and
the task can be put to sleep due to system calls
anyway, so this should be fine.
parent 2ea850ce
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ set(CONFIG_IOMEM_SIZE 8192 CACHE STRING "I/O memory size in bytes")
set(CONFIG_SCHED_MAXTASK 8 CACHE STRING "Maximum number of running tasks")
set(CONFIG_SCHED_FREQ 1000 CACHE STRING "Task switch frequency in Hz")
set(CONFIG_SCHED_FREQ 200 CACHE STRING "Task switch frequency in Hz")
set(CONFIG_SERIAL_BAUD 115200 CACHE STRING "Default serial baud rate")
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