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......@@ -67,7 +67,23 @@ Explicit formulas:
G = Z3^2
X3 = a2*G+F*I+E*E^S2
Y3 = I*X3+G*H
Point Multiplication
In point multiplication a point P on the elliptic curve is multiplied with a scalar k using elliptic curve equation to
obtain another point Q on the same elliptic curve i.e. KP=Q.
Point multiplication is achieved by two basic Elliptic curve operations
• Point addition, adding two points J and K to obtain another point L i.e., L = J + K.
• Point doubling, adding a point J to itself to obtain another point L i.e. L = 2J.
Eg : k = 23 then kP = 23.P = 2(2(2(2P) + P) + P) + P.
Input: Binary representation of k and point P
k = (kn-1….k1k0)2
Output: kP
Return R
point Validation
The validation of the elliptic curve domain parameters can be simplified into two categories; validating an Elliptic Curve, and validating a Base Point.
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