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......@@ -68,6 +68,19 @@ Explicit formulas:
X3 = a2*G+F*I+E*E^S2
Y3 = I*X3+G*H
point Validation
The validation of the elliptic curve domain parameters can be simplified into two categories; validating an Elliptic Curve, and validating a Base Point.
The validation of the elliptic curve has criteria for binary Galois fields .
The coefficients of the curve, a and b, when converted to binary must have a bit-length of m bits
The value of b!=0
Validation of a base point
The base point, P, is not the infinity point.
G = hP, where P = (xP , yP), and h is the cofactor.
P = (xP , yP), and each component has bitlength equal to m.
(xP , yP) must satisfy the associated elliptic curve equation.
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