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    • Jason Quense's avatar
      feat!: bump react-overlays (#5017) · 1b20f1be
      Jason Quense authored
      * feat: update to popper v2
      BREAKING CHANGE: only breaking if you pass a popperConfig directly to overlay or dropdown components. The config format is now the v2 one. This change only relevant to users of `popperConfig` prop on Overlay, OverlayTrigger, and Dropdown
      * docs: update some packages, clean up version dropdown a bit
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      * fail in the right place
      * clean up popper injected props
      * fix types
      Co-authored-by: default avatarJimmy Jia <tesrin@gmail.com>
    • Tor Raswill's avatar
      feat: add file input component (#5036) · 724ea6f7
      Tor Raswill authored
      * #3047 add file input component
      A file input component that also supports the custom prop.
      Adds FormFile,  FormFileInput, FormFileLabel
      Adds types
      Updates docs
      * #3047 remove bs-custom-file-input script
      remove bs-custom-file-input script and import, remove useEffect since it is not used in FormFile for anything else.
      * #3047 rename buttontext
      rename buttontext to buttonText
      * #3047 update docs
      Update docs with how to customize the inner markup
      * #3047 fix missed case for buttonText
      * #3047 Update FileApi.js
      Update FileApi.js with more comprehensive example
      * #3047 add lang prop
      The lang prop allows translating the Browse button text via SCSS as per the bootstrap documentation.
      Add types and docs
      * Update FileApi.js
      fix conflicting Ids for elements
      * #3047 Update forms.js
      Update docs with
      * recommended script for managing visible output of FormFile custom
      * Better readability of FormFile docs when customizing the output
      * #3047 Create FormFileSpec.js
      Added test for FormFile
      * #3047 removed buttonText prop
      This commit removes the buttonText prop, the types for it and the test.
      Instead it forwards the data-browse attribute to the underlying components.
      Updates docs.
      This is to be more uniform with TWBS.
      * #3047 fix types
      Added simple type test and added File to Form.d.ts
      * Update simple.test.tsx
      Fix lint/prettier error after removing ignore line from docs
      * #3047 fix conflicting ID's
      * #3047 FormFile docs
      Updated to make sure that
      * The example in the API for the "customizing" version" docs prints Input before Label since custom is not set
      * Updates the description for the data-browse attribute
      * Adds queries for the API docs for FormFile, FormFileInput and FormFileLabel
      * Update FormFile.js
      Add error for data-browse if custom is not set
      * Add test for data-browse and typescript ref
      * Added test for data-browse attribute
      * Add FormFile to types export
      * Add FormFile ref test to simple.test.tsx
      * Clean up innerRefs
      Per comments from @bpas247
      * Update FormFile.js
      Update the description printed in the API section
      * Update FormFile.js
      * add inputAs with desc
      * rewrite as with new desc
      * add type def to data-browse
      * set form-file as default class instead of form-group when not setting custom
      * use as like in other components to create wrapping div
      * Rename FileButtonTextSCSS
      rename one to incorrect since MacOS does not carer about casing in filenames
      * Rename FileButtonTextScss
      Rename it to its correct name, update imports and references
      * Update FormFileSpec.js
      Update tests to
      * test changed class
      * test inputAs
      * test as with another element type
      Co-authored-by: default avatarTor Raswill <tor.raswill@dqc.se>
    • Mark Uretsky's avatar
      fix(Modal): TypeScript manager typings (#4866) · 0f5c7987
      Mark Uretsky authored
      * Update Modal.d.ts
      * Update Modal.d.ts
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMax Schmitt <max@schmitt.mx>
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    • Tor Raswill's avatar
      #4887 Add support for setting columns in <Row> (#4900) · 3f981a42
      Tor Raswill authored
      * Update Row.js
      Extend Row with colSize prop and let it accept sizing inputs similar to <Col>
      * Update RowSpec.js
      Extend RowSpec test to include changes to Row
      * Extend docs to include Row Columns
      Extend docs to include Row Columns
      * Update Row.js
      Update const names, props and descriptions to better explain what they do
      * Update Row.js
      Re-added type object, renamed cols array to rowCols, renamed col const to cols to match cols in object
      * Update Row.js
      clean up per comments from @taion
      * Update Row.js
      Place comment for as correctly, remove rowCols and replace with classes to tidier code.
      * Update Row.js
      remove unneeded code
      * Updated docs
      Updated docs, re-wrote text
      * Update src/Row.js
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarJimmy Jia <tesrin@gmail.com>
      * Add types to Row.d.ts
      Add types for rowColumns
      * Update types/components/Row.d.ts
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarJimmy Jia <tesrin@gmail.com>
      * Update docs
      Update docs for <Row> column widths and simplify it a bit by rewording some and removing unneeded example that showed the same thing again.
      Updated imports to better follow previously imported examples.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarTor Raswill <tor.raswill@dqc.se>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarJimmy Jia <tesrin@gmail.com>
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