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Used phpMyAdmin for the project.
XAMPP app was used to initiate.
Ember Cardiacs http://localhost/Contract/interface.html --- this is the first page
On top-left of this page, find “Patient Coaching Appointment”, click “To Debora”
Database used can be found in in the SQL file “patientdatabase”
Shahnee’s work→
• Everything after clicking “To Debora”.
• From second page onwards ( http://localhost/Contract/index.html ), developed
the front-end to back-end using html, php and sql. Wrote the necessary codes and created database.
Jubayer’s work→
• Designed and developed first page using html (interface.html).
• Wrote the code for the first page.
Damilola’s work→
• Created and developed prototype for the website using html
Albert’s work→
• Provided Medical Knowledge
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